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At DiCola Financial Services, we bring your financial picture into clear focus by learning what is important to you. We apply a fiduciary standard, which means that we put the best interests of our clients first. We are process-driven, not product driven, so we are able to focus all of our energy on solutions to meet your needs and goals.

Think about your financial life as a thousand-piece puzzle: every single piece must fit together to create the desired picture. We then use our comprehensive wealth management planning tools and multi-disciplinary approach to put your financial puzzle pieces together in an organized and coordinated manner. 

Our work together begins with a discussion of what’s important to you and deciphering your financial goals and concerns. We then design and implement a comprehensive wealth management plan to help you work towards financial success.  Our multi- disciplinary approach will help you coordinate your legal, tax and financial matters and our interactive planning framework will help you stay on track, eliminate confusion and costly mistakes, and simplify your financial lives.

Our planning process focuses on the accumulation, protection, and transfer of wealth.


Together, we will focus on your goals and plan a comprehensive wealth management strategy to help you address your short and long-term financial goals. Applying the fiduciary standard, we offer investment management services, asset allocation review, risk tolerance analysis and ongoing portfolio management based on our client’s best interests. 


Accumulating wealth is not easy, so protecting it is essential. We strive to protect our clients from poor investment choices, excess costs and fees, unnecessary income taxes, unexpected long-term illness, improper asset allocation and excess portfolio risk. We continually monitor your strategies and collaborate with other professionals when needed.


Most of our clients have a strong desire to transfer their wealth to heirs and charities after they pass. For those clients, our wealth management plans incorporate strategies to create and preserve a legacy. We analyze probate costs, inheritance, estate and income taxes, review beneficiary designations and develop strategies to simplify the wealth transfer process. Jeff is the co-author of Guiding Those Left Behind, Second Edition, which provides information about probate, an executor’s duties and estate planning tools to consider addressing these issues.  Contact us today for a copy.


Our interactive planning framework allows planning collaboration and the sharing of information with your trusted advisors, so your entire team of professionals will be on the same page. This multi-disciplinary perspective and approach to planning and wealth management helps ensure the coordination of your legal, tax and financial matters. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your existing advisors or to introduce you to professionals with whom we have a strategic alliance or long-standing relationships. 

Want to discover if pieces of your financial puzzle are missing? Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation, with no obligation.

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