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Our History

Message from Bob DiCola, Founder of DiCola Financial Services: 

I was fortunate to grow up in a small community where my father was a business owner.  I was able to begin in business in that same community where his name and reputation was admired and respected.  I began working with individuals and business owners who were willing to take a small portion of their income and invest it in plans of accumulation and protection.  As time went on, they stayed focused on their plan (and their dreams) and contributed when they could. Years later I’ve witnessed these clients being able to educate their children, protect their assets, accumulate wealth and retire.  Even today we accept clients just beginning this process regardless of their means.

Our firm DiCola Insurance and Financial Services, Inc., dba DiCola Financial Services, was formed in 2004 and at the time, was formed to provide planning services, investments and insurance to individuals and business owners.

In 2014 we began offering Advisory Managed Accounts.  This allowed for greater account flexibility, diversification and most importantly, a true fiduciary relationship with our clients.  

During that time, we also created a strategic relationship with AssetMark, Inc. to offer platform-based wealth management, access to experienced strategic money managers and investment solutions punctuated with superior customer service and support.  

In 2019 we partnered with Jeff Fleming, an Attorney at Law and Wealth Manager, and his firm VIP Financial Matters, LLC.  This alliance has provided an opportunity to share our expertise as well as introduce Estate Planning services to our clients.  

Since 2004 DiCola Financial Services has shared office space and resources at our Leechburg location with OHL Insurance, a Property Casualty Insurance Agency owned by Lucas Ohl, the agency principal.  This relationship provides our clients with convenient access to Personal and Business Insurance products and is a separate entity.

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