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Rollovers require that you pay careful attention to tax laws. We can assist you in determining what process/decisions are best in meeting your needs.


Here are some of the questions we will help you answer through a careful analysis of your needs:


1)  Should I take the distribution and pay the taxes or rollover the  distribution and defer the taxes?

2)  How do I avoid the 20% tax withholding requirement?

3)  Can I rollover the proceeds to my new employer's plan or to a self directed IRA.

4)  What is "10 Year Forward Averaging" and am I eligible?

5)  Should I consider converting the proceeds to a ROTH Account?

6)  I am under age 59 1/2 and need income now, how can I accomplish that and avoid penalties?

7)  How do I best handle employer stock in my distribution?


Answering these questions and making the best decision requires experienced advice.                


As each individual’s tax situation is different, take time to consider all the facts and consult with your tax advisor before initiating a rollover. Distributions received before age 59 1/2 are subject to an early distribution penalty of 10% additional tax unless an exception applies.